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It’s no secret that sending your child to college is expensive. In 2018, the average on-campus housing cost for undergraduates was $40,230 for four years.* Learn how to turn these housing payments into an investment property.

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Build equity in your property

One of the benefits of buying college housing is that each month, you will build equity in the property. The longer you own the home, the more equity you will build. And after your child graduates, you can continue to rent out the property to future college students. In this case, someone else pays the mortgage and you build the equity.


Stay year-round for summer classes

When it comes to renting an apartment of house while at school, many rent terms go from the Fall Semester to the end of the Spring Semester. This leaves a huge gap in the middle of the year. If you child decides to take summer classes, they will not need to worry about finding short-term housing for the summer as they will be able to continue living in their normal space for the entire year.


generate rental income

Once the mortgage is paid off the property will pay you every single month as you continue to rent it out. (Minus the costs of keeping up the property). Later down the road, if the home has appreciated and you no longer want to rent it out and maintain it, you can sell for a larger profit than what you bought it for.

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We cannot thank you enough for all of the loving care you have put into my mother's home in Delray Beach, FL. We look forward to renting it and passing on your name for future sales.
- Ellen H.
Karen is the ultimate professional agent. She knows all about the Florida Real Estate Market and is very reliable. She also has the best personality in the business. I highly reccomend working with her.
- Marshall W.
Karen thank you it has been an absolute pleasure meeting and working with you. We never felt pressured or uncomfortable at any point. Your expertise were always spot on and we appreciate all of your advice!
- Andrew S.
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Here at Condos For College, we help parents locate sensible investment properties in proximity to their child’s school. Real estate has increased year after year fulfilling its investment strategy. Building equity in the property, while not paying room and board for your child, makes this a very attractive proposition.

Most children are not accustomed to sharing bathrooms, living in co-ed dorms, and eating the food provided by the school. Utilizing the Condos for College alternative enables children to have a similar life style as they enjoyed at home, allowing their parents to visit with them and stay with them instead of a hotel thus saving more money and adding more value to the investment.

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Sources: College Board: Trends In College Pricing 2018 Full Report